With InstaPDF you can capture and manage documents on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. When you are on the go and do not have access to any of your devices, you can view all you documents online here. Features that set InstaPDF apart from the competition include:

  • Multiple account support. Switch between your work and personal documents quickly by long pressing the bottom bar on your device. 
  • Autocrop. Point your device's camera towards the document. InstaPDF will automatically recognise the borders, capture automatically and then improve the contrast and straighten the final document. 
  • Instant Markup. Swipe horizontally between documents whilst having Edit Tools open to markup, rename and organise quickly.
  • Export and Share. Quickly email a document's URL or embed it on your website. Export the PDF file to other apps or simply send it by mail.
  • Effortless sync. InstaPDF features backup and storage in the cloud. Your devices and document edits stay in sync.
  • OCR. State of the art machine learning assisted OCR will recognise all latin based text on your documents. 
  • SDK and API. InstaPDF's Autocrop feature can be integrate into other iOS apps quickly and effectively. Leverage a scanning framework that has been tested and utilised to scan more than a million documents. InstaPDF features several private APIs that can be accessed upon request.

Many of the listed features have been refined over years. Should you have any questions about InstaPDF, please do not hesitate to get in touch by filing a ticket or sending us an email directly.