Optimal scanning results are achieved with a high contrast background, i.e. having a white paper and a darker background works best. The filter button changes the camera filter in the following order: Freshness (optimal for text), B&W, Color.

  • For Autocrop to work, make sure there is sufficient contrast between the paper and the background.
  • Make sure there is enough lighting in the room. However, too much light shining directly on a glossy paper document can cause subpar results.
  • Choosing the Text-only Filter can yield significant speed gains, since files are much smaller.
  • Always allow for the Camera Viewer to adjust the Auto-focus.
  • In poor lighting conditions it is recommended to scan multiple areas of a document and thus creating a multiple page PDF rather than scanning the whole document at once.

Recent versions of InstaPDF (5 and above) introduced a redesigned the capture and upload screen for speed and clarity.

Summary: Good lighting (non LED) & dark, plain background for white page scans